Welcome to Websystems-Hosting operated by my company ISO-iWepp, which was started in 2015, with the objective to create new services concentrating on operability and security using knowledge from ISO 27001 implementations.

I have established a partnership with Websystems-Design.com, that is operated by e-Coding Hub Pvt. Ltd. They are residing in India, and they have a lot of high end quality developers, yet have the potential for a lot more. Together we have formed a solid partnership for providing our customers with our strong streamlined development processes. Our web solutions, therefore includes what European and other International business require, for also adhering too new EU GDPR requirements, as well as turning their business around to attract more customers in the process.

(We are a part of our common WebSystems partnership, formed together with e-Coding Hub, where we are providing our hosting, security, compliance and architectural services.)

Our primary targets are therefore to develop our customers solution with these principles:

  • “Security by Design”, we ensure that the developed solutions will adhere to ISO 27001
  • “Privacy by Design”, we ensure that the developed solution will adhere to EU GDPR
  • “Operability by Design”, we ensure that the developed solution ‘just works’ without any worries.
  • As well as any other relevant policies to secure other legal integrity requirements.

My contribution in this partnership is with over +25 years of IT Management and Program experience, obtained through many demanding international roles, mostly in Global and Nordic management. During the same period I have worked with a lot of processes related to both development and IT operations, as well as Architecture, and Information Security.

I have the following certifications and training’s, which secures that our processes are designed in a sustainable way, yet are adaptable to changes:

  • “PRince-2 Foundation”, International Project Management
  • “ITILv3 Foundation”, IT Service Management processes
  • “DPO” – Data Protection Officer Training (With certification process), For EU GDPR.
  • Also a lot of other IT related training including ISO 27001 implementations.

That means you can trust that what we develop, will secure your business to grow, yet maintain compliance in a structured way.

You are very welcome to ask us for solution proposals, and you may find that we are not the cheapest, but we will for sure deliver you the right value for money. This will be through predictable deliverables, time and cost, from our standard development plans. Got a budget to get the EU GDPR sorted out for your customer pipeline, and want to turn it into a business advantage? Look no further, contact us already today, and we will get right on it.

If you want to order any of our development plans, then please order hosting for it first, so we can setup the PROD and TEST for your new domain in maintenance mode, and start developing on your TEST-site too. You can order the hosting and development packages, from the Client Area on the top menu. ​

Thanks for reading and your interest in our services. I wish you all a prosperous future, with new innovative ways to grow your business.

ISO-iWepp Limited

Best Regards/M.v.h/M.f.g
​CEO @ Websystems-Hosting.com & CEO @ ISO-iWepp, Norway
Company-ID: 815 016 912

Jan Ove Berg